The 3 Questions That Keep Hotel General Managers Up At Night March 21, 2016 4:31am

Author: Robert Wilson,

Published On: March 21, 2016


Advantage Reserve LLC, a provider of direct revenue solutions exclusive to the hospitality industry, announced that it has developed a proprietary Customer Relationship Management platform to maintain and convert guest leads.
LUIS – Lead Utilization Information Solution was created to afford our partner hotels and us an additional opportunity to increase conversions and realize additional revenue for a hotel or resort. AR estimates that, based on the information that we have captured from our initial contact with a prospective guest, or information captured when an OTA guest calls to reconfirm, that we can convert an additional 10% of these leads into revenue dollars, at minimum..

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While most property management systems can generate reports with basic information about a hotel’s occupancy and rates, our hoteliers are always on the lookout for more “breadcrumbs” of data around their guest habits, their real-time inventory status, and their employee productivity.

Who are my guests?

When it comes to hotel guests, the most important data is geographic – where did they come from? Since most guests book through OTAs, this data can be very difficult to find, and hoteliers are forced to make educated guesses or compile this information post-stay. Typically, this involves manually adding notes into their guest CRM, or gathering data with post-stay questionnaires—both of which are time-intensive, and make it possible for vital information to slip through the cracks.

What is the status of my inventory?

Managing a hotel is an hour-by-hour endeavor, and hotels must be vigilant in tracking their inventory. “Inventory management is vital,” one GM told us. “Do we have enough clean towels? How many are being delivered to the guests? How many are being cleaned? It’s the little details matter, and right now it’s all based on word of mouth.” The issue with relying on word of mouth of course, is that information can be incorrect or outdated, both of which can contribute to operational hiccups that might directly impact the guest’s experience.

How is my staff spending their time?

As any accomplished hotel manager will tell you, a hotel is only as good as its employees. Of course, like any business, “there are certain personality types that might not be doing anything,” one GM said. “Knowing how they spend their time would be very helpful in managing employee productivity.” However, unlike most “traditional” businesses, which operate in a confined office setting, “hotels are big spaces, it’s difficult to understand where each employee is and what they’re doing at any given time.” Because payroll and, specifically, overtime are among a hotel’s largest costs, a good manager will do his best to “understand what the staff is doing at any given moment, where they are, how long it takes to complete tasks. If you notice that they’re not doing anything, you can use data to cut total payroll hours.”


Hotel Online March 21, 2016