Fee-Free Bookings with OPERA PMS!

Author: jlbworks,

Published On: July 10, 2012

Advantage Reserve is the FIRST and ONLY 3rd party reservation service to be certified by Micros/Fidelio for a 2-way interface with OPERA PMS. Rates, inventory, current reservations, modifications and cancellations are all available, allowing Advantage Reserve to book directly into OPERA PMS in real-time! For our clients with OPERA PMS, this means no more CRS fees or pass-through – ever. Best of all, this upgrade in service is available to our clients at no additional charge!

Robbie Wilson, President of Advantage Reserve”]Opera is the leading PMS in our industry, and this interface makes it that much easier for our partner hotels to provide us with rates and inventory and receive our reservations directly. It truly allows us to act as an extension of, or substitute for the in-house reservations department.

If your property utilizes OPERA, call us today at (212) 989-3684 to see how you can benefit with the new 2-way interface!