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Guest-Centric Services

An Impressive Selection of Hospitality Revenue Solutions

Never miss a phone call from a potential guest again! Advantage Reserve allows your hotel to save on expensive in-house personnel while capitalizing on the experience and technology we put to work for you. When our agent answers a call for your property, our proprietary extranet platform provides our agent with photographs, property highlights, food and beverage offerings, and upsell amenities such as spa and dining services from your marketing department. Our agents are able to turn hesitant callers into repeat guests with friendly, knowledgeable advice and insights about your hotel.

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Voice Reservations

Advantage Reserve, LLC offers our partner hotels our own proprietary extranet distribution platform to manage all rates and availability. This platform maintains a direct 2-way OXI interface with Oracle/Micros OPERA PMS. Advantage Reserve utilizes CRS platforms for hotel partners. These include SynXis. I-Hotelier, RezTripper ,and Windsurfer.

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Our state-of-the-art Lead Utilization Information Solution affords our clients the ability to reach out for more revenue-conversion opportunities.

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Special Services

Get analytics you can rely on, from reservations booked by room or rate type to important call performance statistics.

Agent Training and QA

At the beginning of the two-week training process, our new hires are given a “bible” for each of the properties they will be selling. Compiled with the assistance of our client partnerships, these property bibles contain extensive information relating to their corresponding hotels and surrounding areas. Our training process includes classroom sessions with the operations/training manager, shadow sessions with experienced reservation sales agents, and one-on-one role play sessions with the operations/training manager. In order to take their first live call, new reservation sales agents must satisfactorily role play with the founder & president of Advantage Reserve using our “Ideal Call Flow,” a virtual script that ensures each of the 10 points of a successful call is completed. The agents also must score in the 85th percentile or greater on quiz sheets for each of their individual properties. It’s important to note that our reservation sales agents are all in office; this allows for continued training, development, supervision, and support — always.