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Lead Utilization Information Solution Re-Target Non-Converted Leads

Developed by Advantage Reserve, LUIS is a proprietary CRM platform that affords us the opportunity to re-target non-converted leads into additional revenue. Based on the information we’ve captured from our first contact with a prospective guest, AR estimates we will be able to convert an additional 8 to 10% of leads into actual revenue dollars. That’s because we have the demographic information, contact information, and guest permission to reach out to them with future promotions, featured discounts, and new availability.


How It Works

After our first contact with a prospective guest, we give our clients the ability to reach out for another revenue conversion opportunity:

      • We’ve taken a call for a possible reservation or an OTA reconfirmation
      • We were unable to convert that call despite our best efforts
      • We’ve established a rapport with the caller
      • We’ve gathered demographic, personal preference, and follow-up contact information

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How It Benefits Your Hotel

LUIS Data Gathering

After speaking with prospective guests contacting your property, we have gathered valuable data, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, potential travel dates, habits, and preferences. We can then aggregate this data and deliver it to our partner hotels in a variety of ways so their in-house sales and marketing teams can work with it to maximize its revenue potential.

LUIS Outbound Voice, SMS, and Email Follow-Up

Utilizing the data we’ve gathered from callers, we can reach out to non-converted guests to secure the reservation with a return call from the original agent they spoke to, offering to follow up in a few days to assist further. Our system can then generate up to three follow-up outbound emails and two SMS messages with booking links embedded, which have the potential to be converted into direct revenue.