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About Us

The #1 Choice forCentral Reservation Systems

From diminishing perishable hotel room inventory to turning first-time callers into lifelong guests, Advantage Reserve provides high-quality central reservation services to the hospitality industry. We serve independent hotels and management companies with exceptional customer support in Voice Reservation Services.


Mission Statement

Your Success Is
Our Goal

Here at Advantage Reserve, our mission is to enhance the service levels, revenues, and profitability of all of our client hotels by offering timely, gracious, and informed assistance to potential guests. We are all about providing outstanding conversion of all reservation inquiries.

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Our Background + Hotel Experience

Our History

Advantage Reserve, LLC, was founded by Robert Wilson, CHA, in 2007 as a high-touch contact center provider exclusively for the hospitality industry. A 40-year veteran of the hotel business, Wilson was opening a 70-room boutique hotel on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue when he was challenged with finding an onshore, full-time reservation and information service at a reasonable price. The service would need to provide a conversant staff with hospitality experience, sophistication, and knowledge of the metropolitan area, but there was nothing quite like that on the market. From there, he set out to design the service himself, and Advantage Reserve was born.

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What Makes Us Different

Reservation Sales Agents with Years of Experience

With over 40 years of hospitality experience, we seek team members who have compelling backgrounds in either reservations or front-office at the property level.

Intimate Knowledge of Your Hotel and Local Area

Under the expert guidance of our clients, we compile extensive “bibles” for each property with all of the need-to-know information for our agents to master.

Customizable Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs

With endless opportunities for customization and personalization, we can streamline our services to reflect the specific needs of our customers.

Comprehensive Agent Training, Ever-Present
Quality Assurance

We’ve got your back. Advantage Reserve hires, trains, and performance-tests our US-based, in-office agents, who receive continuous coaching in order to maintain quality assurance.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Robert Wilson

Founder & President

A renowned business leader in the hospitality industry, Robbie Wilson is the focal point for the vision and leadership for Advantage Reserve — responsible for the strategic direction, business development, revenue, profitability, growth, and continuous improvement of services to partner hotels.

With more than 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Robbie has a multifaceted knowledge of hotel management, deep passion for the guest experience, and a successful record in delivering operational excellence and financial results.

His expertise includes:

  • Developing, planning, and implementing operational roadmaps and financial structures that support growth
  • Building and strengthening relationships with external stakeholders, specifically AR’s diverse base of partner hotels
  • Translating initiatives into clear actions for internal and external teams and creating evaluation processes for service levels, conversions, and revenue generation
  • Building a healthy, unified culture that fosters open communication, cross-functional collaboration, and operational efficiencies
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability by working closely with senior leadership on their relevant market analysis, risk analysis, return on investments, prospective partnerships, annual budgets, contracts, and negotiations

Robbie’s wealth of experience includes senior-level responsibilities at 3-, 4-, and 5-diamond management companies and hotels, such as Omni, Four Seasons, Sonesta, IHG, Hilton, Island Outpost Resorts, and several boutique and independent properties.

His extensive experience in all facets of hotel operations — all rooms divisions, food and beverage, sales and marketing, reservations, revenue generation — has instilled in him a deep commitment and service philosophy to always deliver excellent guest services.


Hometown: Medfield, Massachusetts
Favorite Way to Relax: Sun, sand, and water
Favorite Destination: “Cape Cod, and the sights and the aromas always remind me that I am home. I also had a one-of-a-kind experience on a safari trip in South Africa.”
Memorable Experience at Hotel: “It was the Peninsula Hotel New York, and it was the perfect guest experience because of its incredible service and attention to detail. Everything was available. I didn’t have to think. The experience was so effortlessly exceptional, and the staff anticipated my needs before I even considered what I wanted.”

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ai Uemoto

Vice President of Finance

Ai Uemoto is a key member and contributor to Advantage Reserve’s leadership team and partner hotels, ensuring financial health and leading financial strategies for the business.

Having been with Advantage Reserve since its inception in 2007, she manages cost-center budgets, delivers a range of financial reports, and identifies financial trends to optimize financial performance and expansion as well as minimize financial risk.

Creating and maintaining a data- and results-driven culture, Ai’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing payroll, payables, budgets, contracts, deal analysis and negotiations, and procurement
  • Preparing financial reports and forecasts for executives, sales and support teams, account managers, and partner hotels
  • Delivering daily, weekly, monthly, and year-to-date financial reporting
  • Producing reports based on property needs and revenue, caller data, agent productivity and performance, conversions, and booking information
  • Working collaboratively with leadership teams to develop, execute, and manage business plans, operational efficiencies, and key drivers that impact results
  • Monitoring and maintaining internal controls to protect the company assets as well as to support overall risk management

Ai’s decades of experience in hospitality and hotels includes working for and representing highly successful and growth-oriented properties, such as Magna Hospitality, the Cartwright Hotel in San Francisco, Holiday Inn, and the Comfort Inn — ensuring that the customer care instilled in her from deep experience in hotels gets translated to call center operations.


Hometown: Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Favorite Way to Relax: Spending time with family — “my husband and my dog Mimi. She is a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkie, and she is like a daughter to me!”
Favorite Destination: Italy and France — “and I love the Philippines. It’s a beautiful place with a unique, diverse culture and very warm, friendly people.”
Memorable Experience at a Hotel You Stayed: “My husband and I had a staycation at the Atlantic Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The weather for our long weekend wasn’t so good, very rainy, but the guest experience was fantastic. The hotel service, from the front desk to room service, was so exceptional that we had a great weekend despite the rainy weather!”

Meet Our Leadership Team

Andrea Coleman

Vice President of Client Services

Having a long tenure in the hospitality industry, Andrea Coleman is an exceptional, well-rounded leader with the ability to drive results, execute business strategies, and deliver outstanding customer service. She is focused on supporting the frontline while contributing to top-level strategies.

Andrea’s range of in-depth insights and responsibilities include:

  • Onboarding, training, and coaching staff, such as agents, account executives, and relationship managers, on technologies, platforms, best practices, and procedures
  • Overseeing the implementation of new clients
  • Acting as a knowledge resource for hotel information, systems, data, research, industry trends, revenue generation, and quantifiable benefits
  • Reviewing, monitoring, and auditing quality assurance, workflow patterns, performance standards, service levels, and daily, weekly, and monthly metrics
  • Contributing to pipeline opportunities and strategies with executives, sales teams, and clients for planning, operations, forecasting, and account management

Before joining Advantage Reserve in 2009, Andrea worked for the Tides Hotel and the Kent Hotel in Miami Beach; Holiday Inn; Hilton Garden Inn; Furnished Quarters, a property management company featuring high end rental condominiums; and the corporate task force team at Magna Hospitality, which turned a number of properties in distress into successful operations from a financial, service, and quality standpoint.


Hometown: Mamaroneck, New York
Favorite Way to Relax: Being outdoors and playing with her daughter, and watching movies — “I have seen every movie!”
Favorite Destination: Anywhere with a beach — “I love Puerto Rico, and I’d love to visit Sydney, Australia, and my daughter’s name is Sydney.”
Memorable Experience at a Hotel: “Being in hospitality enables me to many unique experiences and opportunities. When I worked at The Tides in Miami Beach, I met many interesting people, including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, and Janet Jackson. I even went to Janet Jackson’s 50th birthday party!”

Meet Our Leadership Team

Maylene Sales

Director of Reservations

As a member of the leadership team, Maylene Sales is responsible for overseeing a fast-paced reservations call center that provides high-level services on behalf of our partner hotels.

In addition to managing the day-to-day performance of reservations agents and ensuring best-in-class services, Maylene is focused on:

  • Executing the overall business strategy to reservations agents, identifying new revenue opportunities, and streamlining internal processes
  • Overseeing recruiting, training, onboarding, and coaching strategies
  • Developing continuous improvement plans and making recommendations based upon employee and guest insights
  • Identifying and implementing new tools and technologies that drive higher revenue and better guest experiences
  • Ensuring quality assurance, compliance, and regulatory and legal obligations across all internal operations
  • Communicating and educating call center agents on new promotions, programs, and strategies related to the diverse products and portfolios of our partner-hotels

Maylene is well-versed in call center technology, systems, and processes — having tenured experience with high-volume phone queue systems. She started with Advantage Reserve in August 2014 and returned to the company in this leadership position in February 2022.


Hometown: “I was born in Carmona, Philippines, and then I was adopted. My family was in the U.S. military, and we lived in several places. Colorado Springs probably was the longest residence we had, and now I live in West New York, New Jersey.”

Favorite Way to Relax: “I love spending time with family, and I love binging on a variety of TV shows, and my current favorites are The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and Supernatural.”

Favorite Destination: “It has to be New York City. It’s the area that I have been the longest, and there is an abundance to love — the diversity, the history, the sights, the easy transportation, and it’s open 24-7! I also absolutely love how urban, and diverse the city is.”

Memorable Experience at a Hotel: “For unique reasons, I have to say my favorite hotel was the Courtyard by Marriott in Columbia, Maryland. The area is a center point for my family to meet, this hotel had a convenient location between DC and Baltimore, and it was cost-effective for my entire family. Plus, this hotel’s staff was extremely friendly — every time we visited, they knew us so well and treated us with the very best service.”