May 17, 2022

Advantage Reserve Announces Partnership with The Predictive Index to Optimize Talent Strategies and Employee Engagement

Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 18, 2022 — Advantage Reserve, a leading provider of high-quality central reservations services to the hospitality industry, has announced the launch of a partnership with The Predictive Index (PI) in order to strengthen its position as an employer of choice for guest services talent.

To attract and retain top talent, and to enhance its employer brand as a competitive differentiator, Advantage Reserve is leveraging a partnership with The Predictive Index, an award-winning talent optimization platform that aligns business strategy with people strategy. Advantage Reserve is a company that provides high-quality, 24-7 reservation services to 3-, 4-, and 5-star hotels, resorts, and management companies across North America.

PI provides companies like Advantage Reserve with scientifically validated assessments, workforce assessment software, and knowledge transfer through its network of workplace behavior experts and its curriculum of instructor-led workshops for management training.

The insights provided by PI are helping Advantage Reserve better understand its diverse group of employees so everyone — guest-facing agents, managers, and executives — are staying aligned and advancing toward achieving the company’s business goals.

Benefits of this partnership to Advantage Reserve include:

  • designing and executing a system for hiring and retaining talent
  • hiring employees for cultural and positional fit
  • optimizing the candidate experience across all stages of the recruitment and onboarding processes
  • developing leaders at all levels of the business
  • helping define and enhance the employee value proposition

“For any business, navigating the employer-employee dynamic in this post-pandemic landscape has become paramount,” said Ann E. Norton, president and founder at Norton Training and Consulting Services, a Select Certified Partner of The Predictive Index. “As a result, strategies and execution for recruitment, retention, and engagement have to be efficient and impactful. Advantage Reserve understands this critical dynamic and understands how behavioral data can identify the right person for the right role, can strengthen its talent strategies, and can deliver quantifiable results across the entire business.”

“Our partnership with PI through Norton Training is changing the way we hire, onboard, manage, and develop our diverse, talented people. We know each person comes with a unique behavioral makeup, and it helps us tremendously to align an individual’s behaviors and working style with the targeted role,” says Robert Wilson, president and founder at Advantage Reserve.

“By leveraging PI to support our various processes for talent management, we are strengthening our culture, increasing employee retention, and experiencing better, more productive work — giving us confidence and momentum as we understand and adapt to the evolving workplace.”

About The Predictive Index
The Predictive Index (PI) is an award-winning talent optimization platform that aligns business strategy with people strategy for optimal business results. Sixty years of proven science, software, and a robust curriculum of insightful management workshops make PI the solution for any company looking to design great teams and culture, make objective hiring decisions, and inspire greatness in their people anywhere in the world. More than 9,000 clients use PI — including AstraZeneca, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TD Bank, LVMH, and Omni Hotels — across 142+ countries. Learn more at

About Norton Training and Consulting Services
Over the last 24 years, Norton Training and Consulting has provided its services to thousands of executives, managers, and employees throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. The company’s passion is helping clients function as high-performance teams that effectively deliver the results they have envisioned. Its focus is on leadership development, strategic human resource initiatives, customer service programs, and leveraging the powerful series of resources within The Predictive Index. For more information, please visit

About Advantage Reserve
Advantage Reserve is a provider of high-quality central reservations services exclusive to the hospitality industry. The Advantage Reserve team provides services to customers and guests 24/7/365. Since 2007, Advantage Reserve works with individual properties and management companies to personalize a set of solutions that reduce internal costs, optimize conversions, and increase revenues. More information on Advantage Reserve’s products and services can be found at

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