July 29, 2020

Advantage Reserve Announces Collaboration with Kennedy Training Network to Optimize Reservations Sales

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 29, 2020 — Advantage Reserve, the leading provider of high-quality central reservations services to the hospitality industry, has announced the launch of a new sales training partnership with Kennedy Training Network (KTN), the lodging industry’s best source for hotel training programs. This collaboration will enhance the guest experience, improve performance levels, and increase reservations conversions for Advantage Reserve’s diverse customer base of luxury hotels and resorts.

During this unique period across the world in 2020, the hospitality industry faces a crucial time for reservations sales, and the voice channel will be more important than ever. Voice agents will be getting a range of questions — from wanting the most updated information about properties to wanting reassurances from agents for travel-related concerns.

Advantage Reserve is committed to delivering outstanding guest experiences, and its new collaboration with KTN will ensure that its reservations agents will provide increased empathy, reassurance, and quality of service. The direct benefits to hotels will be increased call conversions and enhanced guest experiences.

Doug Kennedy, CEO at Kennedy Training Network, says “Potential guests will be uncertain and will need the human connection that only the voice reservation channel can deliver. Advantage Reserve’s leadership and teams are tenured, personable, and passionate about our industry and the guest experience.”

“We are very excited to partner with Kennedy Training Network. Our leadership at Advantage Reserve knows the immediate relevance of KTN’s training content and how it will deliver optimal results to our partner hotels,” says Andrea Coleman, director of quality assurance and training at Advantage Reserve.

“An outstanding guest experience begins with the first telephone call, and our reservations agents are the first touchpoint for our partner hotels,” says Advantage Reserve’s President and Founder Robbie Wilson. “We have a very strong in-house training program, and the industry leadership and tenure that Doug Kennedy provides will strengthen our deep commitment to performance and unique, personalized guest experiences.”

About Kennedy Training Network
KTN is the lodging and hospitality industry’s best source for hotel training programs and supportive services in topic areas of hotel reservations sales, hospitality, and guest service excellence, front desk hospitality certification, and hotel sales department training. Services include customized, on-site hotel training workshops, private hotel team webinars, and telephone mystery shopping for hotel sales, reservations, spa, and front desk. To learn more information about KTN, please visit kennedytrainingnetwork.com

About Advantage Reserve
Advantage Reserve is a provider of high-quality central reservations services exclusive to the hospitality industry. The Advantage Reserve’s team provides services to customers and guests 24/7/365. Since 2007, Advantage Reserve works with individual properties and management companies to personalize a set of solutions that reduce internal costs, optimize conversions, and increase revenues. More information on Advantage Reserve’s products and services can be found at www.advantagereserve.com.

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