March 2, 2016

Advantage Reserve, a Leader in Direct Revenue Solutions, Introduces LUIS: Lead Utilization Information Solution

By Robert Wilson

NEW YORK—March 2, 2016—Advantage Reserve LLC, a provider of direct revenue solutions exclusive to the hospitality industry, announced that it has developed a proprietary Customer Relationship Management platform to maintain and convert guest leads.

LUIS  Lead Utilization Information Solution was created to afford our partner hotels and us an additional opportunity to increase conversions and realize additional revenue for a hotel or resort.  AR estimates that, based on the information that we have captured from our initial contact with a prospective guest, or information captured when an OTA guest calls to reconfirm, that we can convert an additional 10% of these leads into revenue dollars, at minimum.

We have the demographic information, contact information, and permission from the guest to reach out to them with future promotions, featured discounts and new availability.  Let us explain:

  • We’ve taken a call for a possible reservation or an OTA reconfirmation
  • We were unable to convert the call despite our best efforts
  • We’ve established a rapport with the caller
  • We’ve gathered demographic, personal preference and follow-up contact information

What do we do with this information?  Therein lie our solutions!

LUIS Data>

After speaking with prospective guests contacting your property, we have gathered valuable data including names, email addresses, phones, potential travel dates and habits, reasons for travel, interests and preferences.  We can aggregate this data and deliver it to our partner hotels in a variety of ways and formats either on-demand or at specified regular intervals.  A properties in-house Sales and Marketing team can work with it to maximize its revenue potential.

LUIS 2nd Chance Connect
Utilizing the data we have gathered from callers to your property, we can reach out to non-converted guests in an effort to secure the conversion via a second chance email connection and/or phone call.  These have the potential of being converted into direct revenue and increase profits.

LUIS Targeted Marketing

The possibilities are endless!  Utilizing the data we have gathered from prospective guests, we directly target these qualified leads and extend personalized offers and promotions designed to your specifications.  AR’s direct marketing team has significant experience creating targeted direct contact campaigns.  These campaigns will focus on property identity, product availability and creativity above all.  This offering will be customized in conjunction with your in-house sales and marketing team to deliver results and satisfy need periods.

“We are excited about these new offerings for our current partner hotels and for future clients as well,” states Robert Wilson CHA, President of Advantage Reserve.  “The dominance of the OTA’s in the hotel industry has become even more pronounced recently due to their consolidation.  We developed LUIS to help independent hotels increase direct bookings and subsequently reduce the cost associated with an OTA and increase direct loyalty from the guest.”

About Advantage Reserve, LLC:

Advantage Reserve is a provider of Direct Revenue Solutions exclusive to the hospitality industry.  Advantage Reserve partners with independent hotels, resorts and management companies to provide toll-free private label voice reservations and customer relationship management services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Advantage Reserve’s headquarters and call center are located in midtown Manhattan with a second office and call center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

It is important to note that all of Advantage Reserve’s Reservation Sales Agents work in-office at one of our two call centers.  Creating a service culture, training and QA monitoring are significantly more successful from a professional team-based environment rather than a home-based environment.

Advantage Reserve is comprised of seasoned hoteliers and focuses on service to guests and hotel partners first and foremost. The company’s mission is to enhance the service levels, revenues and profitability of its client hotels by providing timely, gracious and informed assistance to potential guests—resulting in outstanding conversion of reservation inquiries. For additional information, contact Robert Wilson at (212) 989-3684 x103, e-mail, or visit

Contacts:Robert Wilson, CHA | President, Advantage Reserve, LLC  – (212) 989-3684 x103.