Advantage Reserve on the QUEST for Excellence!

Author: Robert Wilson,

Published On: January 27, 2016

Advantage Reserve, industry leader in the hotel reservations arena is more than a reservation service – we’re a pro-active sales force focused on the challenges our hotel clients face everyday: from depleting perishable hotel room inventory, to transforming first-time callers into lifelong guests. We work to gain a deep understanding of your property’s unique selling-points and view each call as an opportunity to increase your average daily rate through cross-sell and up-sell of your hotel’s profitable amenities, so you can minimize your workforce while maximizing profits.


With all of the information available online, today’s callers have done extensive research prior to dialing. What they don’t want to hear is a scripted list of basic features. Instead, we use avant-garde industry training tools like Quest.  Quest was developed by Hospitality Expert Doug Kennedy of the Kennedy Training Network (KTN).  KTN’s  contemporary new hotel reservation sales training agents learn a new process of Investigative QUESTioning to “unmask” the callers “story” and to determine where they are in their decision making process.  The program then uses the Hotel Value Pyramid as a model to explain where to start building value based on the caller’s existing knowledge.


Advantage Reserve is proud to partner with Kennedy Training Network in the ongoing development of our staff assets and is committed to ongoing training and development for all our staff in order to continue to provide the excellence in service our current and future clients deserve and expect.  Our last training session took place on January 25, 2016 where our agents took part in QUEST training.  Our agents have been able to convert queries into revenue for our clients with greater ease thereby making Advantage Reserve’s QUEST for excellence a reality.